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Angie - Surfer Portraits Little Corona Beach

I'm really excited to share these photos from my surfer portrait series which I have been dying to do.  This first round of photos was taken at Little Corona Beach with my friend Angie ( @sea.sand.sol ) as the surfer subject.  Here I'm bringing my two favorite things together; seascape photography and surfing (and what better to include some friends).  I think most of us surfers don't have too many good photos of us surfing which is a huge part of what we devote our lives to.

Here I wanted to create some artistic portraits not just of the surfers in action, but moreso representing the surfers unique personality.  I also want to show the feelings and colors that I represent with surfing like vibrant oranges and purples, beautiful seascapes, and warm sunsets.

Also check out the time lapse showing the behind-the-scenes action during our photo shoot at Corona Del Mar Beach. :)

Thanks to my surfer friend Angie @sea.sand.sol for being my awesome subject for the surfer series I'm doing. 

And message me if you're interested in getting some shots like this. 

Shark Leggings Surf Photoshoot

I finally got myself a water camera, the Nikonos IV 35mm!  Such a rad little film camera. So my friend Jamie (@surfandrescue) and I did this little photo shoot for a super rad ocean minded and earth friendly company called @getwisefool. 🌎♻️.  This was my first time photographing from in the water after all these years of surfing and photographing.  So it was about time I got in the water with a camera.  Given it was my first time (in addition to shooting with film too), I'm pretty stoked on the results.

Check out their cool bamboo sunglasses (they float so you don't have to worry about diving in to save them) and yoga/surf leggings that are made from recycled plastic 😎👖