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Balboa Beach Wedding

The weather for our couples wedding day here on Balboa Island (Newport Beach) was pouring rain, and with the ceremony to be held outside I was ready for plan B.   I had my rain proof plastic camera sleeves ready to go and the groom's family had purchased a few dozen umbrellas for the guests just in case.  Miraculously, 30 minutes before the ceremony was going to take commence, the rain stopped and the sky cleared!  The sun light was perfect and beautiful which only complemented the intimate wedding and the lovely bride and groom, Ryan and Nadia.  It was such an honor to be a part of their wedding day.

A quick back story on Nadia and Ryan.  Nadia is originally from Chile where she met her husband Ryan while he was down there on a surf trip. Although he only was expecting to catch some good waves he ended up meeting his future wife who then moved back with him to California.  Imagine leaving your family, friends, country, and coming to a brand new place where you only know your future husband and where you are still learning the language. Yes love is wonderful but at the same time there are sacrifices that have to be made to keep it strong given all of life's surprises and challenges.  I'm no expert at love or with relationships but that's been a realization I've had by just getting to know Ryan and Nadia.  Both of them are now my friends.  We will hang out and do a beach day or just hang out and eat bomb homemade Chilean food at their place.  🇨🇱🌶💙

5000 miles from home to marry her husband.

Enjoy the pics!
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Nitro Nicki's Balboa Portraits & Headshots

I've been working on a new facet in my portrait portfolio, that is, the headshot.  I dabbled with some in studio lighting, however, I felt that the naturally lit and vibrant portrait would be more in line with my style and artistic vision. I love the natural colors and bokeh that are found all around us in our environments. You just have to imagine them sometimes in terms of bokeh (that background blur you see in photos).  Here with Nicki's photoshoot, I knew she had stunning green eyes and I wanted to complement that with some vibrant greens or blues. In this case the blues at the harbor behind my house made for the perfect backdrop. Using my 90mm f2.8 lens, I was able to crop her the image with as much blue and bokeh as possible.  A 70-200mm lens would have been preferred and would have give me more bokeh and precise cropping with the background (for the next shoot, I'll experiment with that lens).

I also lit these portraits with an off camera 36" umbrella using a hi speed synce so I could still get that shot at f2.8.  I underexposed the background just a bit and then positioned Nicki as best as I could to be backlit by the sun, which created a rim light and hair light in most of the images.  She was a blast to photograph, very natural, and stunning eyes that would make any photographers day.