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Fernanda Artist - Fairview Portraits

This was one of those artsy, no expectations, experimental photoshoots where I had some new ideas, a new lens, and a new toy to tryout.  Fernanda, my talented artist friend, was willing to be my subject for a few hours.  I just wanted an open field, a stand alone tree, and some vibrant natural colors. What do you know, we didn't have to go far.  The location was Fairview Park down the street in Costa Mesa. 

I was testing out my new Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens.  I was super stoked on this new focal length, being a little wider than my favorite focal length the 50mm.  All the shots below are taken with the the 30mm.  In the top image, I played around with a light prism to give it a cool, blurry and reflective vignette in order to balance the tall plant on the left. I also played around with some of the angles that the tilting tree was giving me. I exaggerated the angles by giving myself a lower perspective and also having Fernanda counteract the tree with the angle of her body and coat. I'm pretty excited how they turned out. Refreshing to try new ideas and explore new techniques!  Who wants to join me on the next experimental photoshoot? Message me here or through any social media platform.

Lady in Red - Pelican Hill Birthday Shoot

I've been giddy with anticipation to share these stunning photos from my photoshoot with the gorgeous @kkimthai 

Kim contacted me a few weeks ago about doing this photoshoot for her birthday at the Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach. I didn't know her at the time but after watching a few of her YouTube videos (amazing beauty YouTube channel btw) I felt like we were going to have a blast. She was super excited for the looks and the dresses and the location and for my photography style (that always makes my day and is a good sign!). I know we would only have two hours allotted to us so I had to be on my A game. With photoshoots like this, preparation is key. I spent at least a few hours of prep work with color wheels, location scouting, lens choice, lighting, sun charts, etc in order to hit a grand slam for her birthday. Well I'm excited to say I think we all are loving the photos. A huge thanks to my amazing assistant @haniahusseinphotography for her encouragement and keen eye. Shoutout to Kim's sauve hair stylist @tonywonderhandsss and her beautiful and bubbly best friend Michelle for doing a flawless job on makeup. Thank you to our friend Devon and @pelicanhillresort for hosting us. And thank you Kim for having me be your Photograher. Can't wait to work with you again! 

Happy birthday Kim! 
Dress by @fashionnova