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Crystal Cove with the Garcia Family

It's pretty nice having my "office" at the beach, well most of the time. ;)

I was really excited when Cara contacted me about having her family portraits taken at Crystal Cove Beach in Newport for the new year.  She really loved the candid and intimate feel of my photography which when I hear, always makes me even more thrilled to photograph.  Crystal Cove had always been a really special place for the Garcia family.  Over the years they would take the kids down to the Crystal Cove to the  tidepools to spend the day. This time I got to take along and photograph them on a classic blue sky, winter day is California. 

Starting off with a photoshoot, I like to make sure everyone is comfortable with me, and also is at ease in front of the camera before I even take one photo.  I like to get know each person by finding out what they do and what they like, etc.  I try to make some jokes (not sure how many of my corny jokes work. haha) just so everyone can laugh and not take the photo shoot too seriously.

We take a little warm up walk together and chat without me even taking a photo yet.  I let them interact freely and just be themselves. Eventually I'll ask somebody if I can take a picture of them doing this or that then we transition into some more posed group portraits.  After a few minutes of posed portraits we go back to just walking and talking and interacting so I can get those really awesome candid shots.

Whenever I can, I like to plan the photoshoot a little before golden hour so that we have time to warm up before the sky ignites with color.  By the time golden hour begins to come around, everyone has forgotten that I'm even there taking "professional family portraits", and now I'm just part of the group.  And when that amazing golden hour light comes, it makes for some incredible photos where the feeling and expressions of everyone are simply themselves laughing, smiling, and genuinely enjoying a day together. 

Enjoy the photos and let me know what you think.
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