Angie - Surfer Portraits Little Corona Beach

I'm really excited to share these photos from my surfer portrait series which I have been dying to do.  This first round of photos was taken at Little Corona Beach with my friend Angie ( @sea.sand.sol ) as the surfer subject.  Here I'm bringing my two favorite things together; seascape photography and surfing (and what better to include some friends).  I think most of us surfers don't have too many good photos of us surfing which is a huge part of what we devote our lives to.

Here I wanted to create some artistic portraits not just of the surfers in action, but moreso representing the surfers unique personality.  I also want to show the feelings and colors that I represent with surfing like vibrant oranges and purples, beautiful seascapes, and warm sunsets.

Also check out the time lapse showing the behind-the-scenes action during our photo shoot at Corona Del Mar Beach. :)

Thanks to my surfer friend Angie @sea.sand.sol for being my awesome subject for the surfer series I'm doing. 

And message me if you're interested in getting some shots like this.