Family Portrait Fun in Fullerton

Who would've thought we were in Fullerton on some dusty hiking trail for this family portrait session?  The vibrant greens almost looked like we could have been in Ireland (now accepting applications for Ireland on that note ;).  Well maybe not quite so Ireland, but compared to the browns us Southern Californians are used to seeing anything green couldn't possibly be down the street. So just a note for the non native Southern Californians, Winter in California actually means everything is green! Yes we have our seasons all mixed up! 🍃🍀🌲🍏💚

It was a nice change of scenery seeing true, rich greens around here, plus the golden hour sunlight was transforming our little hiking trail into the Enchanted Forest.  Some unnamed individual wasn't too thrilled about our little portrait session at the start, but he quickly warmed up to it once he discovered some amazing sticks (see pics below).  Our other little subject was quite the photogenic cutie pie.  Every glance and expression she gave was filled with wonder and innocence.  There's way too many great shots to pick just one.  You'll have to check them out for yourself.

Here's to a beautiful afternoon with the DeJesus family :) Don't forget to take time to smell the roses today (or leaves ;) 🍃🍀🌲🍏💚

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