Amy's Balboa Portraits & Headshots

Hello friends!

Here we go, kicking off the new year with some hot off the press fashion portraits.  These ones could seriously be used for a blue jean advertisement, maybe Levi's will hit me up. haha.  (Message me below).

So we started the photoshoot with some headshots over by Balboa harbor where I was able to setup and get that nice blue background which I love (If you haven't realized yet, my favorite color is Blue).  The sun had for the most part disappeared behind the houses, so I used some off camera lighting with Hi-speed sync to fill in the subject.  I normally position the model so that the sun would create a natural hair-light, but in this case the sun light was no longer an option and my backup flash was no where to be found.  Thankfully, without the use of the hair light the headshot still came out great!

Since at this time we were chasing the last bit of sun for the day, we booked it down to Balboa Pier.  Golden hour was in full effect at this time as you can tell by the warm light falling on Amy's hair.  The white building I had her pose against also acted as a natural reflector that filled in some of the shadows in the front.  Plus, the white sand reflected some fill light from underneath too.  Pretty cool, when you get 3 lights in 1 without having to setup any lights.  In some cases I would have setup an umbrella with reflectors to give a little better quality of fill, but I felt the spontaneity and freedom of movement would had been limited.  When shooting outdoors like this during golden hour things are changing quickly.  The sun is slowly dimming, the light is becoming warmer (more orange and red in some instances), therefore your Kelvin is changing, and your shutter speed is dropping, plus all of your natural reflectors are becoming less effective, so it's important to work quickly and to know what shots you want exactly.  Although I know some of the shots I want ahead of time, say like a silhouette, a movement shot, a wide angle landscape shot, I also try to stay open to new compositions and ideas that may manifest. For instance, Amy had the awesome idea of twirling and giving her hair some action.  It made for a great sense of movement in the image.  Movement has been something I've been working on recently in my photography, specifically on how to capture such a feeling consistently whether posed or candid. It's definitely a skill that the masters seemingly capture so easily.

The last series of photos we took are California vibing for sure.  Blue jeans, Chucks, palm trees, the beach, and blue hour.  What more could you want!  I'm really stoked on these too!  Check them out and let me know what you think.  Message me below about scheduling a headshot or portrait session with you. :)

Thanks again!