About Joseph


How it all began

It was during a trip to visit a good friend in Portland, Oregon when I first realized I wanted to be a photographer. I had never experienced a proper Autumn in all its glory, especially having grown up in Southern California where perpetual blue skies and palm trees make it hard to differentiate the 4 seasons apart.  I knew the Portland trip was going to be special and vibrant, and I wanted to bring those colors back home with me.  I never could have foresaw how that trip would be the dawn of a romantic journey with my camera.


I initially began my career by  graduating with a degree in Finance. Shortly after graduating I went on to study theology which eventually brought me to live in New England and then England (the Olde one) for two years.  I had the opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life and cultures throughout the Western world and to see each person as having a unique history and story. During these formative years in my photography, my camera and I traveled through Europe, throughout the UK, and across the United States and all the way up the West Coast multiple times, documenting the beauty of life and nature and bringing those sites and moments to be shared with the world via my images.


These experiences and journeys further inspired and pushed me to think outside the normal bounds of photography – allowing me to capture experiences that were enlightening, intriguing and at times, polarizing.  During my time in England, I had the opportunity to photograph a few friends’ weddings, including one which was at a 300 year old mansion outside of  London.  Although I had never photographed a wedding before, I had the strong desire to, and these couples had the complete confidence in me to document the most special day in their lives. Thank God, everything went well. They loved the photos, and I fell in love with wedding photography because of these opportunities.  This was my first initial realization with how wedding photography resonated with my creativity and my need to give something timeless and beautiful to the world.  These experiences were extremely rewarding, and stimulated me to take my photography in the direction of a full time career.  After returning to California, I was attracted more and more by the creative outlet that photography offered me and the never ending inward pursuit to accomplish new vistas with this art form.

Why wedding photography?

I love how the wedding day is a photographic realm of infinite possibilities, of pure and genuine emotions, matched with all types of light.  Photographing a wedding day is always challenging and this perpetual challenge motivates me to refine my artistry and create better images each time.  Plus, the day itself is a summit of one’s life that is filled with an emotional array of what makes us human:  love, joy, beauty, family, friends, and to be invited as an outsider into something that is incredibly personal, joyous, and momentous is incredibly special for me.  I love when the couple finally sees the images from their wedding day and is beyond elated.  Even years after their wedding, I have been surprised by a bride or groom via a Facebook message or letter in the mail about how much the photos mean to them and how happy they were to have me photograph their wedding.  This is truly an honor and it makes every couple and wedding unique and special to me.

My Style

Candid, I let the day unfold before my eyes with minimal obtrusion on my behalf.  I anticipate and remain keen of the people and the emotions flowing around me as I stealthily compose and adjust my camera dials to freeze the essence of the intimate moments I see before me in the form of an image.  These images become portals that transports the viewer back again and again to the time and emotion where it transpired. In addition to my love for candid photography, vibrant colors, expansive landscapes, and luminous natural light attract my eye.

Keeping it real

I get butterflies before every wedding, a little bit the night before and the morning of.  I make sure I get a good nights rest and an extra healthy and filling breakfast the morning of.  I know its a big day and big deal every time, and I challenge myself to always one up myself.


The Desert

The color Blue

The Milky Way

Carrot Juice

Mango Salsa

Vanilla Bean ice cream

The Matrix

Breaking Bad

Depeche Mode


In my free time

You’ll find me surfing the California coast, photographing the sunset, hanging out with cutest nephew ever, and Teddy (the vocal & curious Tabby ) who all have made for excellent subjects to practice on.  Or you may find me photographing your wedding.



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